What is BEQUAL?

BEQUAL is a European portal dedicated to the quality procedures in Vocational Education and Training (VET) as well as to benchmarking between peers.

Who can use it?

- Policy makers and consultants who can find statistics, articles, poles and links to base their decisions. - VET providers, who can use the benchmarking tool, read good practices or contribute with their own and be promoted in the portal.

Join the community!

- Use the benchmarking tool - Identify your strong and weak points - Contribute with your good practice - Share your opinions in the blog


BEQUAL + is a project under the Transfer of Innovation Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects that transfers innovation techniques for quality assurance in vocational education and training, aiming at developing quality assurance in VET institutions through promotion of self-evaluation, quality benchmarking and networking.  

Project Aims

BEQUAL+ aims to:

  • develop quality assurance in VET institutions through promotion of self-evaluation, quality benchmarking and networking in VET
  • promote the use of European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQAVET) in VET institutes
  • allow practical application of the quality assurance framework in VET through the use of online benchmarking tool and good practice database
  • foster discussion on quality assurance issues
  • promote international cooperation and exchange of experience through enhancement of thematic portal in quality assurance and expanding the Community of Practice.

Content of the Project

BEQUAL+ project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • to examine the existing approaches for quality assurance in participating countries
  • to transfer, adapt and pilot the benchmarking tool in Bulgaria, Turkey and Italy
  • to develop new language versions of the thematic portal, namely Bulgarian, Turkish, and Italian
  • to enrich the thematic portal with various content, documents, links, articles, videos
  • to disseminate and promote the benchmarking tool at regional, national and European level
  • to collaborate in development of products and quality assurance practices

The innovative content transferred consists of:

  • Electronic benchmarking tool for quality assurance in VET, which offers opportunity for VET providers to compare their performance with similar institutions in their country or in other European countries, and helps to identify their strong and weak points, thus setting preconditions for improvement;
  • Web based quality sharing network and good practice center establishing Community of Practice (CoP) in the field of quality assurance in VET;
  • Thematic portal as a reference point for practitioners, researchers and policy makers in VET;

Based on the innovative content developed, BEQUAL + will adapt and pilot the benchmarking tool for quality assurance in VET, will expand the Community of Practice, involving more countries, and will enhance the thematic portal with new language versions and new content. It will use the set of common principles for benchmarking quality of VET providers, already elaborated under the chosen methodology and will adapt them to the characteristics of the VET systems of participating countries and to the EQAVET. The thematic portal will be enriched with national versions containing specific information of national interest. It will provide opportunity to enrich the collection of good practices and to expand the CoP.

Main target groups of the project and beneficiaries:

BEQUAL+ project targets VET providers and stakeholders, policy makers, researchers and practitioners.


The anticipated impact includes:

  • enhanced capacity of VET providers to develop and improve their quality management practices
  • better ability of policy-makers to identify critical issues on quality assurance and to define policy approaches, leading to better targeted policy in quality assurance
  • provision of instruments and practices that easily could be incorporated into national quality assurance systems
  • provision of new insights into level of VET quality in participating countries compared to other European countries
  • increased awareness of EQAVET among VET providers and stakeholders
  • improved quality assurance systems in VET
  • common trust between different parts of national VET systems and between different countries.

Latest News

2nd project meeting

The second project meeting has been successfully held in Piraeus, Greece, on the 26th and 27th of April 2012.

Comparative analysis

The comparative analysis based on elaborated country profiles and assessment of mismatches, shortages and gaps in quality assurance in partners countries has been completed.

1st project meeting

The first project meeting has been successfully held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 10th and 11th of November 2011.